Michael Bean

Acting teacher,
kind and curious human.


“We always know when one of Michael’s students walks in the room; they just know what they’re doing.” – Kris Woz, Casting Director

“I always feel so much better every time I leave class. I’m so excited to do the work.” -Jessica Brown, Actor

“Working with Michael is like steroids for your acting ability. And it’s the best part of my week.” -Josh Dohy, Actor 

Acting Tips, Techniques, and Creative Inspiration

Control Your Imagination, Not Your Face

Control Your Imagination, Not Your Face

One of the advantages of teaching young actors as well as adults is that it forces me to find clear, concise language for complicated acting ideas. In the pandemic I relocated from Vancouver to the Gulf Islands to support my son, and I'm now on Saltspring Island. This...

What kind of characters can I play?

What kind of characters can I play?

What Kind of Characters Can I Play in Film+TV?   Question from Alex (M 20's; MyFreeActingClass student): "I know you said that in the beginning it's better to play characters that are close to your social personality. I am just wondering now, in what type of...

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