Private Coaching


Ongoing; via Zoom
$210+GST/4 Sessions

  • Audition Coaching: Flexible Scheduling, As Needed
  • Weekly Private Lessons: Monday-Thursday 10:00am-4:00pm PST


Get an expert eye on your next self-tape audition! Michael will give you detailed input on your self-tape setup, help prepare the material if desired, be your “reader” for the audition, and give detailed notes and help you explore as needed.

Substantial discount available for existing students in Michael’s classes, or for students at Biz Studio or Saltspring Acting.


Can’t fit a class into your schedule? Want some extra 1:1 support? Michael will assign practice scripts and then work with you individually

The advantage of training online is that you’re practising in exactly the environment where most of your auditions will be happening: at home.

These sessions are intended to equip actors with the technical and creative skills that they need to audition and book work from self-tapes, and to work on set. Build confidence from the comfort of your own home, and explore the edges of your current on-camera technical and expressive skills.

Students are assigned practice scripts from real film+tv auditions to prepare based on their interest and experience level, and then work those scenes on camera. Video is recorded and uploaded to a private folder so you can see for yourself how the work improves with practice!