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Film+TV Acting & Auditioning (Adults)

A focused small-group on-camera class.


Classes are held on Zoom, with a maximum of eight students per class.

Michael assigns a new script each week, but students are welcome to (and often do) bring in recent or upcoming auditions to work in class.

The goal is to assist the actor in taking charge of their artistic practice and career, and to offer practice material, exercises and support to help increase on-camera skills, build confidence, expand emotional availability, and grow artistic depth and range.

Tuition is $195/4 weeks, and includes class (via Zoom) New students can start anytime.

"We always know when one of Michael’s students walks in the room; they just know what they’re doing."

Kris Woznesensky, Casting Director

Foundations for Class

“Talent” is Practice That Other People Don’t See: Actors want other people (particularly decision makers) to have that magical “you are so talented” experience. But there is nothing magical about skilled acting. It’s not something an actor is “born with” — it’s something that an actor earns through dedicated practice. Part of the path to being a professional is to understand acting as a complex set of skills, each of which it is possible to learn and practice.

Start With Success: Actors love pushing themselves and trying big things, but decision makers for Film+TV only hire actors they experience as effort-less (“believable” or “natural”). Start with characters and scenes that come across believable, and then expand your range one step at a time. It doesn’t have to always feel effort-less, it just has to appear that way. Find success with each new step before taking the next step, even if it takes time. When you bring that expectation-of-success into the audition room or on set with you, it comes across on camera as confidence.

Stay Curious: Try on the idea that there may not be a “right” way to do any of it, and that simply staying curious about the process might move you towards your goals faster and with more ease, expressiveness and enjoyment.


About Michael

Michael Bean is the owner of Biz Studio and Beatty Street Casting Studios, and one of the best respected coaches and acting teachers in Vancouver. Michael is the author of the Confidence on Camera Handbook, now in its fourth edition, which is used by many local talent agents as a primer for new clients.  He brings the same attention to detail as an instructor that he expects from his students, and his teaching style is characterized by an infectious enthusiasm.

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